• Reptiles

    Reptiles frequently occur on both green and brown field sites and are protected in the UK against killing and injury. There are six reptile species in Britain; the four most widely distributed … >>>

  • Amphibians

    Great crested newts and natterjack toads are protected through strict EU legislation, and great crested newts require consideration whenever suitable waterbodies are present. We would normally conduct … >>>

  • Bats

    Bats are protected by EU and UK law and will usually need to be considered in development proposals. Five Wild Frontier Ecology  bat specialists are licensed by Natural England to conduct … >>>

  • Birds

    Wild Frontier Ecology supply expert bird survey and ornithological services tailored to meet the needs of any project. Our staff ornithologists offer 50 years of combined professional experience. … >>>

Wild Frontier Ecology is an independent ecological consultancy based in Norfolk.

We work with a wide range of clients including statutory advisors, developers, conservation bodies, landowners and local government. Where appropriate our output conforms to BS42020:2013.
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Latest News

Staff changes

As the survey season draws to a close for another year we bid farewell to this … >>>

Graduate Ornithologist/ Ecologist

We are seeking a graduate ecologist to assist with our work. The ideal candidate will be a graduate with a suitable … >>>

Latest Blogs

Thermal imager

Check out this video John made. Here is some footage of bats emerging from a building, captured on our thermal … >>>

Rochelle’s blog

It’s nearly Christmas which means it has been exactly a year since I became a member of the Wild Frontier Ecology … >>>