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Common toad and great crested newt

WFE worked on the subterranean cable route for the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm (approximately 45km). This has largely been constructed. Work included HSI assessment, pre-planning and pre-construction surveys for the route and substation proposals.


During the surveys WFE assessed around 251 ponds for great crested newt. These included garden, woodland, field, and roadside ponds as well as ditch networks. WFE staff were responsible for maintaining good relations with the various landowners along the route. This was done by ensuring that, where required, time was taken to explain the surveys and address landowner’s concerns.

Surveys were conducted in line with the Great Crested Newt Mitigation Guidelines and allowed for a successful mitigation strategy to be approved by Natural England.Having successfully surveyed the ponds, WFE was able to demonstrate that along the route there were 57 occupied ponds.

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