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Graham conducting a Phase 1 habitat survey

Graham conducts an Extended Habitat Survey


The Extended Habitat Survey (formally Phase 1 Habitat Survey) using the UKHab Methodology provides a standard record of habitats and ecological features on a site. It is a key appraisal tool required for most planning applications, and often helps to determine the need for any protected species surveys.

Wild Frontier Ecology has a wealth of collective experience in conducting habitat surveys, and we offer proportionate services for any scale of development. We have worked in lowland and upland habitats across the UK, and have particular expertise and vast experience with the semi-natural lowland habitats, brownfield land and farmland common in East Anglia.

Habitat Survey Services

  • Extended Habitat Survey, central to feasibility studies
  • Biodiversity Net Gain habitat condition assessments
  • Hedgerow survey (Hedgerow Regulations 1997 assessment)
  • Botanical species lists
  • Ecological Constraints and Opportunities Mapping (ECOP)
  • Habitat creation plans
  • Invasive species survey
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP) and Landscape and Ecology Management Plans (LEMP)

Project Examples

Phase 1 survey of a brownfield site

An extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey was commissioned for a site in south Norfolk. The site consisted of 0.3ha of unused land, including an old dilapidated building and several trees…

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A new water pipeline at Thetford

In 2018 Wild Frontier Ecology undertook an extended Phase 1 habitat survey along a proposed water pipeline route around Thetford in Norfolk. The route was proposed to go through an…

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