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terrestrial mammal surveys

Water Vole

Some widespread mammals such as water vole, otter, hazel dormouse and badger are protected by law; others, such as hedgehog and brown hare, are Species of Principal Importance under Section 41 of the NERC Act. These species all require appropriate consideration in planning applications. Our ecologists have considerable mammal expertise, and are adept at carrying out surveys and specifying mitigation methods for protected and valued mammal species. Our skills working with non-protected species such as small mammals (shrews and rodents) and others may be of assistance in site monitoring and management.

Terrestrial Mammal Services

  • Badger survey and mitigation
  • Otter survey
  • Water vole survey and mitigation
  • Protected species impact assessment
  • Thermal imaging and infrared technology
  • Ecological clerk of works
  • Species population monitoring
  • Small mammal trapping
  • Remote camera surveys
  • Radio tracking services

Project Examples

Badgers at a quarry site

WFE were commissioned to undertake ecological assessments for proposed quarry extensions at an active quarry site in Norfolk.  Part of this project involved surveys and mitigation work for badgers, which…

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