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Ground Source Heat Pump

tree survey heat pump

Semi-mature woodland trees were protected by tree protection fencing

Wild Frontier Ecology (WFE) provided a Tree Protection Plan (TPP) and Method Statement for the installation of a ground source heat pump. WFE conducted a tree survey adjacent to an area which would need to be excavated to install a ground source heat pump. The survey found two individual trees on site, an oak in poor condition and a horse chestnut tree in good condition and with moderate landscape value. There was also a small area of semi-mature planted woodland on site with silver birch, sycamore, oak, sweet chestnut, field maple, and hazel. The development had been designed so that all the trees on site could be retained. 

A map was produced showing where the tree roots were likely to be, and found the pipework would pass through the Root Protection Area of the horse chestnut tree which was assessed to have moderate landscape value. WFE were able to specify measures such as hand digging and an impermeable root barrier material to protect this tree. WFE also provided best practice methods for avoiding rooting areas, including lining the boundary of the pipework with impermeable root barrier material to prevent root ingress as trees in the area mature. This will prevent roots from the woodland area interfering with pipework as the trees grow and mature. 

By working with the client, WFE were able to ensure that trees would not be affected by the development and that the pipework would not be damaged by tree roots in the long term.

The report was submitted to the local planning authority to fulfil a condition of planning permission.

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