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Arboricultural report for 10km pipeline in Thetford

A project to install a new water pipe around the perimeter of Thetford was being designed. Wild Frontier Ecology were able to survey all the trees, groups, hedges and woodlands along the route to provide maps of these features. Within the zone of influence of the development around 200 individual trees were surveyed, as well as around 30 groups/woodlands and more than 10 hedgerows. WFE appraised the arboricultural value of these trees and any potential impacts from the proposal. Possible impacts such as root damage and removal of trees/hedgerows were identified.  

Trees Thetford pipeline

An impact assessment was carried out for trees along the pipeline route

Using WFE’s findings, the scheme was designed to minimise the impacts on trees. WFE provided advice on suitable mitigation methods such as tree protection fencing and ground protection. Methods of construction, tree protection and on site ‘tool box talks’ were also advised to ensure the identified trees were protected throughout the project.  

By working with the client from the early stages, WFE were able to minimise arboricultural impacts without delays to development.

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