The Team

We are a close-knit team, passionate about the natural environment and take our duty of care as environment professionals very seriously. Consequently our ecological work adheres to the CIEEM Code of Professional Conduct.

Our team of ecologists is made up of dedicated enthusiasts who are prepared to go that extra mile to ensure the quality of work and advice we produce is of the highest standard.

Personnel Profiles

Rob Yaxley

Robert Yaxley BSc CEcol CEnv MCIEEM

Director and Principal Ecologist

Rob is the founder, managing director and principal ecologist of WFE.  He has been an independent consultant ecologist since 1998. His background in nature conservation has given him a sound understanding of issues concerning UK habitats, species and designated sites. Subsequently, experience has given him an excellent knowledge of the planning system, the role of consultants and professional ethics.

With a grounding as an ornithologist, he is also a qualified botanist and is competent in surveying for other protected species. Rob is a Natural England licensed bat (Level 2) and great crested newt surveyor. He is also a keen naturalist, walker and blogger. Rob is skilled in survey design, project co-ordination and performs the main quality assurance role in Wild Frontier’s output.

Rob has performed expert witness duties at Public Inquiries for renewable installations and other plans and developments.

Seth Lambiase

Seth Lambiase

Seth Lambiase BSc MRes MSc MCIEEM

Principal Ecologist

Seth has been a consultant ecologist with WFE since 2007. Prior to joining WFE, Seth was a wildlife inventory biologist for the North Carolina State Department of Environment and Natural Resources, USA.

Seth is a Natural England licensed bat surveyor with extensive experience conducting bat roost (buildings and trees) and field activity surveys. He is also very experienced in obtaining European Protected Species (EPS) licences for specific development sites, and working with bat issues through the planning system.

He has over ten years of professional zoological survey experience covering a broad range of taxa including small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. He has particular expertise in Ecological Impact Assessment and field surveys for bats, and has carried out bat surveys in a wide range of habitats at sites in the UK and USA.

John Harris

John Harris

John Harris BSc MCIEEM

Senior Ecologist

John has been a consultant ecologist with WFE since 2007. John is a herpetology specialist, with licences for great crested newt and natterjack toad surveys. He also holds a class licence for bats, level 2. He has extensive experience in reptile survey and mitigation. John is accomplished in field surveys for other protected species including badgers, bats and water voles.

With a strong background in IT, John contributes skills in data management, analysis and presentation, and has played a major role in applying avian collision risk models. He has also developed excellent project management skills.

Susie Dickinson

Susie Dickinson

Susannah Dickinson BSc MCIEEM 

Senior Ecologist

Susie joined the WFE team in 2009 after graduating from the University of East Anglia. Susie is competent in a variety of protected species surveys. She is a great crested newt licence holder and a licensed bat surveyor (Level 2). She has botanical expertise and has undertaken extended Phase 1 habitat surveys and NVC surveys on a variety of sites throughout the UK. Susie also carries out avian vantage point surveys and post-construction monitoring for renewable developments.

Susie is proficient in GIS mapping, project management, data handling and report writing, including Ecological Impact Assessments,  BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes assessments. Susie also holds an ABC Level 2 certificate in arboriculture and undertakes tree surveys.

Graham Riley BSc AIEEM

Graham Riley

Graham Riley BSc ACIEEM


Graham has been a consultant ecologist with WFE since 2008. With a background in professional ornithology, he previously spent 14 years working on the RSPB stone curlew recovery project, and 2 years as a self employed ornithologist.

Graham has acquired a huge amount of ornithological experience working on proposed windfarm sites, and his field skills are first class. He is licenced to survey for stone curlews. He co-ordinates ornithology work and writes subsequent technical reports. He also leads on water vole surveys, and is a competent habitat surveyor.

In his time with WFE he has gained experience in surveying for protected species such as bats, water voles, great crested newts and reptiles, and is experienced in Phase 1 habitat surveys. Graham is also immensely knowledgeable in the field of South-east Asian birds.

Will Riddett

Will Riddett

William Riddett BA ACIEEM


Will is WFE’s built environment, Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM specialist. He has worked on over 100 such projects since joining WFE in 2008, across the east of England and London. Through close consultation with developers and architects he has successfully designed ecological enhancement packages or Landscape and Habitat Management Plans for the Ecology section of these assessments. This has ranged from recommending garden planting options for housing developments, to designing green and brown roofs for high-rise office buildings.

Will is also proficient in protected species surveys, including for great crested newts for which he holds a licence. He is skilled in report writing, including ecological site appraisals, feasibility studies, project management and Appropriate Assessments particularly with regards to the Breckland SPA. He has been involved with mitigation projects for badgers, great crested newts and reptiles, and has organised bird collision studies at a meteorological mast and wind farms.

Mary Goddard

Mary Goddard BSc MSc

Assistant Ecologist

Mary joined the team in March 2017 following her previous role as a ranger with the National Trust on the Norfolk Coast based in Blakeney.

Mary has a broad interest in natural history and has worked on projects ranging from the genetic analysis of ladybird endoparasites to studying the breeding habitat requirements of European nightjars in Norfolk.  She has previously published a paper on finding a population of a silverfish species new to the British list. 

At Wild Frontier Mary assists with survey work (including protected species such as great crested newts and bats) and report writing, and is developing her botany skills and knowledge of legislation, as well as working towards gaining protected species licences.

Adam Stickler BSc MSc

Assistant Ecologist


Ptolemy McKinnon BSc MSc

Assistant Ecologist


Elizabeth Maxim MBiochem

Technical  and Administrative Support